Day Care

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The daycare unit at the association consists of a set of educational classes designed to mimic the functional home lives of the children. In this unit, admission procedures are carried out after a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the child by specialists to determine the possibility of introducing them to this unit.

This program serves children aged three to nine years, and children with disabilities are educated and trained in groups in special education classes according to their abilities and needs. They are equipped with all the materials and tools that will develop their skills and broaden their imagination. Most special education curricula classify educational activities according to the abilities of the child to facilitate their integration into kindergartens and regular schools whenever possible.

The child is taught in the classroom with an integrated outlook through attention to gross and fine motor skills, expressive and receptive language skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, self-help skills, academic skills, sensory skills, technical skills, and recreational skills.

The association believes in developing the abilities and skills of people with special needs. Since autistic children have difficulties with all kinds of communication, the association provides all the opportunities for a child with autism to adapt to the environment and find the appropriate alternative means of communication. Such as TEACH, PECS, ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, and other programs.

Children in day care center who need rehabilitation services are provided rehabilitation services by a rehabilitation specialist team (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychologist, and modified sports) according to each child’s needs.

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