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The Home Visits Program (Portage) provides services for children with disabilities from birth to three years through a team of special education visitors who have undergone intensive and high-level training programs in the implementation of the Portage Program. The program is based mainly on the idea that the mother is the foundation of childcare, and this service is provided in the child's natural environment at home. The home visit program provides a thoughtful and flexible system to help mothers become real teachers of their children and explores ways to develop the abilities of the child, teaching them necessary life skills.

The mother receives regular weekly visits for one hour and fifteen minutes, where the child's development is monitored in six areas:

Child stimulation and social development - communication in speech and language.

Self-help for self-reliance

Cognitive development

Knowledge development

Motor development

The goals and skills to be learned by the child are then developed. Each visit is planned for specific activities to promote the development of the child and the progress of the child's behavior and skills are discussed during the visit.

The Portage program is used as an educational platform for children, where exercises and activities are conducted to develop skills and abilities within the framework of play. This is an opportunity to discover, learn, and participate, helping create positive interactions between the mother and child. Educational tools and aids are also provided to the family as a loan to be returned to benefit other families.

Mother is the foundation of childcare, and this service is provided in the child's natural environment at home

Center Based Portage

This program is designed to provide family and child services by special education visitors in accordance with the social conditions of families living in remote areas, families whose home conditions are not suitable for the visit, as well as families whose children need training prior to their admission to the association.

This program is implemented at the Early Intervention Center once a week from 8 am to 1 pm, and an individual plan is prepared for each child according to their situation. The children and families are then trained according to this plan.

Children in the Portage program also receive rehabilitation services according to the child’s needs (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, behavioral modification, sensory integration, and speech therapy).

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