Rare Disease Awareness

Brief News Around Association Of Early Intervention for Children With Disability
July 24, 2022 by
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Rare Disease Awareness Event

An event to promote awareness about rare diseases is about to be held in Salalah on 29 July 2022


Construction Of A new Vocational Centre

To support the construction and establishment of a new vocational centre for childen with disability, an agreement was signed on June 5 2022 between KR Eshraqa and the Association. 

The agreement was signed by Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas and Sabah Mohammed Al Bahlani, CEO of the Association. According to the agreement, KR Eshraqa will provide financial assistance to the association for the new vocational centre that will help to train the children of the association on equipment and support their integration into society.

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